One More Time biography

One More Time started out as a group of four; Therese Löf, Maria Rådsten, Nanne Grönvall and Peter Grönvall. Maria, Nanne and Peter had previously been three of the members of the group Peter’s Pop Squad, but when that group’s success never happened, they went on to create a new group, One More Time, with the addition of Therese (who would leave the group shortly after their first album had been released).

One More Time managed what Peter’s Pop Squad did not. With their first single, Highland, they gained success, not only in Sweden, but also in many countries in Europe (also in South Africa).

Between the years 1992 and 1997 One More Time released 4 albums (Highland, One More Time, Den Vilda and Living In A Dream).

They have made the occasional appearance as a group, and have worked together in different project, but never released anything more since 1997.